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Whether you've got six minutes until your bus is due, or 56 minutes until your dinner is ready, readabble will point you towards interesting articles from around the web.

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Portrait of a Serial Winner

23 min ESPN

"Suarez wears many masks, each of them true in the moment he puts them on, but perhaps nothing reveals his truest self like the mask he wears when he's threatened, for that is the one that shows all the hurt he wants to hide."

2,049 articles have been hand-picked, which would take around 29 days to read.

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  • Times are based on an average reading speed of 250 wpm. Adjust your selection if you're a slow or fast reader.
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What exactly is readabble?

A tool that directs you to interesting articles from around the web. Simply select a number of minutes and we scour our database to find something that will keep you occupied for that length of time.

How do you know how long something takes to read?

The average adult reads at 250 words per minute so we use a calculation of number of words in an article ÷ 250. An 8,000 word article takes 32 minutes to read - if you find this too slow or fast, adjust your selection accordingly.

How is this different from Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, etc?

They’re all great services, but readabble is more of a StumbleUpon for longform journalism. Rather than giving you the option to collate things to read, we’re focussed on letting you discover and consume timeless content more efficiently.

Can I select a topic or category?

Not currently, but we may add options to refine your search in the future. Until then, enjoy the random nature of never knowing where your click will take you.

Can I suggest some articles?

Definitely, so long as it’s good quality content that will keep people interested. Whether you want to send us a single url, or add a batch of your own website articles, email and we can discuss the options.

Why have you sent me to a dead page?

Sorry about that - we link to a lot of different websites who may occasionally retire or move content. While we endeavour to make sure every article is live, if you do come across an error please email so we can fix the problem.

Do you have a mobile app or browser extension?

Not yet, but subscribe to our email newsletter (fill in the form on the homepage) and we’ll let you know when these are ready. The website is fully responsive so it should work perfectly on all your devices.

I love readabble - how can I thank you?

All we ask is that you share readabble with everyone you know!